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Capturing emotive smiles, love & laughs.

Casey Clark Photography prides herself in making genuine connections with her clients allowing for easy, fun-filled photoshoots. She loves the bold, beautiful picture we call life, specializing in Portraiture, Lifestyle, Interior & Product Photography. Photographing a variety of subjects allows her to work with eyes wide open.


When life’s moments sweep you off of your feet, make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts, or shed a tear in awe of raw feelings - this is where I find the drive to create. My images are built from emotion - the good, bad, and the ugly - cultivating togetherness, a sense of family, and a big slice of joy.



Conceptualizing and bringing a story to life with photography is always a priority in my work. I adore the use of bright color, and liveliness to accentuate a product while showcasing it successfully. Props, color, & collaboration are important to my success. I make sure things are catchy, playful & clean!



Exploring new places allows me to bring attention to every detail, showcasing buildings and spaces as they were created. I am inspired by beautiful design, form & concepts and implement precise editing for my work.